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BODEN memecoins briefly spike after Hunter Biden guilty verdict

Misspelled memecoins referencing the U.S. first family surged after President Biden’s son was convicted of lying about being a drug user when buying a revolver.

ZkSync defends Sybil measures as Binance offers own ZK token airdrop

ZK Nation said its Sybil filtering approach was to ensure as many users as possible would get an allocation, but that would inevitably let through...

Solana sandwich bot makes $30M from MEV arbitrage in 2 months

MRGN Research’s Ben Coverston says the Solana-based MEV bot has made an active effort to date to keep a low profile.

Gary Gensler could ‘literally cost Joe Biden the election’ — Mark Cuban

The billionaire investor also intimated that any political aspirations Gensler had would amount to nothing due to the SEC chairman’s stance against cryptocurrency

Crypto startup funding eclipses $100B

The $100 billion mark took just 10 years with the bulk raised since the COVID-19 pandemic.

ETH, TON, UNI, and XMR could rally if Bitcoin clears $68,000

Bitcoin price needs to rise above $68,000 to sustain buying in ETH, TON, UNI, and XMR.

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